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Python for Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science

This is an inverted class, to be given simultaneously at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Xavier Institute of Engineering, Mumbai, and Xavier Institute of Computer Applications, Ahmedabad. I'd be interested to collaborate with other institutions.


This is an inverted classroom experience. Students will listen to the presentation (about 10 minutes) before each class and then use their classroom time to learn by doing in groups of two equally strong students. There will be individual and group quizzes (taking up about 5 minutes each) for each class.

For the complete syllabus, click here.


Module 1: Getting started with Python. We learn how to install Python, how to use IDLE, and how to write very simple programs.

Module 2: Variables, types, and expressions.

Laboratory 1

Module 3: Conditional Execution.

Module 4: For Loops.

Laboratory 2

Module 5: For Loops.

Module 6: While Loops.

Laboratory 3

Module 7: Functions.

Module 8: More on Functions.

Laboratory 4

Module 9: Lists.

Module 10: Strings.

Laboratory V

Module 11: More on String processing.

Module 12: Operating with Files.

Laboratory VI

Module 13: String Formatting.

Module 14: More on string and file processing.

Laboratory 7

Module 15: The random module.

Module 16: Functions with default arguments and anonymous functions.

Laboratory 8

Module 17: Dictionaries.

Module 18: More on Dictionaries.

Laboratory 9

Module 19: Tuples, Sets, and Frozen Sets.

Module 20: List comprehension.

This module contains a self-test that you should take after listening to the lecture.

Laboratory 10

Module 21: More on list comprehension.

Module 22: Exception Handling

Module 24: Object Oriented Programming in Python: Classes 1

Module 25: Object Oriented Programming in Python: Classes 2

Module 26: Deriving classes

Module 27: Defining your own exceptions.

Module 28: Data Wrangling

Module 29: Pygraph

Module 30: Graphics with TkInter 1

Module 31: Graphics with TkInter 2

Module 32: Graphics with TkInter 3

Module 33: Event-based Programming 1

Module 34: Event-based Programming 2

Module 35: Lotka - Volterra Application

Module 36: Simple Games in Python 1

Module 35: Simple Games in Python 1